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High spirits for every party

Balloon gas – simple, quick and safe

Whether it is for a wedding, a club celebration, a child’s birthday, a business launch, a publicity event or a city festival... balloons simply have a magical quality about them. The “secret” of their soaring skywards is a balloon gas that is made up of helium and small amounts of air. It is easy to use, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-explosive. Merely the bottles in which the balloon gas is stored require particular attention as it is stored under pressure.

When handling balloon gas, there are some basic rules to observe: although it is not toxic, it should not be inhaled as it displaces vital oxygen from the lungs. When using balloon gas in enclosed spaces, make sure that there is adequate ventilation. Tip: with latex balloons, the gas escapes through the balloon walls within approximately 14-16 hours; latex balloons should therefore only be filled immediately prior to use. Balloons that are inflated the evening before an event may already have deflated by the following day.

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