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Industrial gases are indispensable for the manufacture of semiconductor devices

Semiconductor devices are omnipresent nowadays.

They are not just found in computers and mobile telephones, but they are also indispensable in the on-board electronics systems in our cars, in consumer electronics and in household appliances. The production of semiconductor devices is still one of the most complex processes known in the industry: In a chain of coating, lithography, etching and doping steps, the “wafer” is given its fine structures. In addition to large quantities of inert gases, various high-purity reactive gases are used as etchants or dopants, depending on the process. Similar processes are also used in other areas of high technology, such as nanotechnology and the manufacture of fibre optics, solar cells and flat screens. The same rule applies to each process: in order to ensure safe and trouble-free operation, the purity of the gases and the quality of the gas supply system play a very important role.

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